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Iris was a Greek goddess who was entrusted by Zeus to carry his messages to humans. Iris took it upon herself to carry these messages down to Earth on rainbows. She understood that how you share a message is just as important as the words themselves.

"Our clients put their trust in us. We owe it to them to take a tip from Iris and make it special. If you want something done with an extra bit of magic, Iristify it." 



It has been my pleasure for more than five years to know and work with Aly Goldberg who is talented, insightful, intelligent and hard-working.  Aly is a real problem solver who thinks of all the details most people may overlook in everything she does.  Aly cares about people and holds herself to an extremely high degree of excellence when providing services for them.  Aly has the unique ability to work with anyone - identifying and meeting (usually exceeding) expectations. Aly maintains perspective enabling her to see and implement solutions as challenges arise making Aly your best ally for all your consulting and event planning needs.


Kim Toebbe, JFCS

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Louisville, Kentucky

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Corporate Event Planning

Group photo of speakers on a stage

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