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Iristify is dedicated to helping startups and small businesses perfect their pitch for funding sources, improve marketing processes, and increase revenue.

As Odyssiant's only U.S. partner, we help to ensure your prospects begin a journey to become dedicated customers who refer you to others. Sound interesting?  Contact us today.

Aly (Flagel)
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Founder & CEO

Aly Flagel Goldberg

Founder • CEO • Chief Client Crusader

Aly has over 25 years experience managing strategic projects, marketing, and communication in the technology, finance and nonprofit industries. Her work has taken her to Europe, the Middle East and over 35 U.S. states.


Two of the highlights of her career include enabling a tech consulting firm to close $11 Million in sales during one weekend and landing articles in 35 publications including the  New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and even a spot on The Daily Show for a tech education firm.  In 2018, she founded Iristify to help startups and small businesses grow by helping them to secure funding, increase revenue, and improve their image. 

Aly has received the Mayor's Citation for Outstanding Service Rendered to Louisville, Kentucky in 2012,  and been recognized or received awards by several nonprofit as well as for-profit organizations. 


Aly (Flagel)
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Founder & CEO

Lisa Bajorinas

Principal Consultant • Startup Coach • Ecosystem Builder

Lisa a startup coach, advisor and mentor working with innovation-driven, technology-based companies.  She assists startup clients with strategy innovation, market research, customer acquisition, capital access, talent attraction, operations, and project management.  Lisa serves as the program director for the Community Foundation of Louisville's Vogt Awards accelerator, a nationally recognized program since 2010.  She is a board member of Venture Connectors and Co-director of Startup Grind Louisville.


Lisa previously led EnterpriseCorp, an entrepreneurial support organization, as VP Entrepreneurship and Talent.  She directed the Louisville region of the Kentucky Innovation Network and co-founded the Louisville Enterprise Angels, adding to the culture of Louisville’s vibrant startup community.


Lisa’s career began in the travel tech industry in Miami through successive positions in technology, software project management, and marketing and eventually led her to a product marketing role in Silicon Valley with BroadVision while managing a global team of software developers located in Nice, France.  She holds a BA in organizational psychology and an MBA, both from the University of Miami (FL).

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