With years of event, communication and project management experience, the most important thing we have learned is that every task must help a company achieve their primary annual goals.


When you contact Iristify to review your strategic plans, take on a special project, or manage an important event, we will always ask, "What are your company's goals and how do you see this activity helping to achieve it?"

Perhaps you want to increase sales, raise more funds, or expand your company's name recognition. Our project plans include measurable outcomes that ensure we are helping your business to succeed. And that, is the key to our success.



Our core values drive how we conduct our business and with whom we do it. 

Iristify clients are ethical, caring, individuals who leverage their business to good in the world.

By providing our services to compassionate individuals and businesses, we enable them to achieve more.



Sympathizes with the suffering of others and does something about it


Capable of being trusted and being very likely to do what people expect of you


 Able to deal skillfully and promptly with new situations and challenges


 Aly Goldberg 
 Founder, CEO & 
 Chief Client Crusader 

Aly is an entrepreneur with over 25 years experience as a project, event, communication, and marketing manager. She has  coordinated projects in Europe, the Middle East, and in over 35 states in America. 


Her work with nonprofits have earned her several local and national awards. Her communication efforts have resulted in articles in over 50 media outlets including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and The Daily Show. 

Aly is a serial volunteer and nonprofit board member, who strives to find ways to support others in their efforts to improve our world. Her greatest passion is empowering others to achieve their full potential by removing obstacles in their way. 

Aly earned a BA in Journalism with an emphasis in International Public Relations from The Ohio State University. However, she acknowledges that it is her experience working with incredible people that has sharpened her skills far beyond her education.

We want to learn about your business.

Louisville, Kentucky

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