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Aly (Flagel) Goldberg has over 25 years experience managing strategic projects, marketing, and communication in the technology, finance and nonprofit industries. Her work has taken her to Europe, the Middle East and over 35 U.S. states.

Aly's business mantra is, "Don't waste time or money on things that won't help you achieve your goal."  When she meets with clients, she first asks what they hope to achieve, she then works to suggest the best possible path forward.  In this vain, she enabled a tech consulting firm to close $11 Million in sales during a tennis event. She helped a tech entrepreneur in Louisville land articles in 35 international publications including the  New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and even a spot on The Daily Show. And, she helped smooth negotiations during the merger of two international automotive manufacturers.


In 2012, Aly received the Mayor's Citation for Outstanding Service Rendered to Louisville, Kentucky for her work with Project Warm, a nonprofit helping low income families save on their electricity bills.  She also received several local and national awards for her volunteer work supporting the communication and development efforts of Jewish Family and Career Services as well as the National Council of Jewish Women.

In 2018, left a career as a chief of staff with an tech innovation firm to found Iristify with the goal of doing good in the world.


"Doing good takes a lot of forms," she explains. "You might help someone start a company, buy a home, build an app that helps others, or strengthen the economy. As long as the project helps the world become a better place, that's a good project for me."

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