Louisville, Kentucky
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When it has to be done with precision, thoughtfulness, and flair, Aly is my go-to person. Aly takes the time to understand the broader context of what I'm working on, and that enables her to do more than just execute.  She can make connections that add value and anticipate potential issues before they spring up.  


She's planned events for me, project managed grants, and helped set up systems and processes that let me focus on what I do best, confident that she will handle the rest."

Ben Reno-Weber, Professional Speaker and  Project Director, Greater Louisville Project

Aly Goldberg is the most organized, effective person I know. She has helped me organize my home and is now planning an important event for my nonprofit, LHOME. She stays on top of our work plan and comes up with creative ideas, networks like nobody's business, and produces on time and within budget. I highly recommend her company, Iristify, for both event planning and networking services."

Amy Shir, Executive Director, LHOME

Aly Goldberg lives and breathes marketing and communications. There is nothing worse than botched marketing and communications from marketers who have a lack of depth and experience. This simply does not happen with Aly on your side. Her experience, collected over a twenty year period, enables clients to grasp exactly what they could gain from engaging with their customers and stakeholders in the best way possible. No one ever leaves a meeting with Aly without that sense of excitement about what they could achieve by working alongside her. I would not hesitate to recommend working with her.”

Aly Richards, Odyssiant

Aly Goldberg led the committee for the Jewish Federation Women’s Hanukkah Party in 2016 and was one of the best event planners I’ve ever worked with. She had a handle on all of the details from start to finish and brought a plethora of creative ideas to every meeting.  She was graceful under pressure and kept everyone on task in a positive and professional way. Aly is a true delight to work with and I highly recommend her for your project, program and/or event.”

It has been my pleasure for more than five years to know and work with Aly Goldberg who is talented, insightful, intelligent and hard-working.  Aly is a real problem solver who thinks of all the details most people may overlook in everything she does.  Aly cares about people and holds herself to an extremely high degree of excellence when providing services for them.  Aly has the unique ability to work with anyone - identifying and meeting (usually exceeding) expectations. Aly maintains perspective enabling her to see and implement solutions as challenges arise making Aly your best ally for all your consulting and event planning needs.


Kim Toebbe, JFCS

Thanks for helping each time we called upon you this year. Your computer and marketing skills are excellent and I so appreciate you sharing your time and talents to benefit Publishers."

Peggy Loy, The Publishers