The first nonprofit CDFI in Louisville, Kentucky engaged Iristify to bring community and financial leaders together to be energized and motivated to invest in their loan programs.  These CRA-credit opportunities enable banks to lend to individuals and business to provide loans to individuals and businesses with low credit scores without the inherent risk. The organization, which was established in 2017, has now provided over $1.5 million low interest loans in Louisville's most vulnerable communities and boasts a 95% repayment rate.  

Key Success Factors: Engaging their target market, showcasing successful clients, being prepared with materials to ask for engagement, and ensuring all supporters are thanked in a public way. 

Financial Resources for Vulnerable Communities 

Louisville's premier Women in Technology Conference engaged Iristify to help scale their program, increase online visibility, and enhance the attendee experience.  In our 3rd year supporting this annual conference, the program has grown from 300 attendees to an expected 700 in 2020. We incorporated an event app into the program complete with gamification and we engaged over 20 vendors who provided interactive and informative technology booths with the latest tech on the market. 

Key Success Factors: Ensuring consistent content and messaging in the event app, on the website, on social media and within their presentations. Providing timely updates for attendees, sponsors and speakers. Ensuring attendees are engaged and not experiencing any frustrations or problems.

Engagement & Knowledge for Women in Technology

One of Louisville's largest reading support organizations engaged Iristify during a large growth period to help prepare to scale while still achieving their goals of improving the reading abilities of 2nd and grade students. They were moving quickly from just 100 students to well over 600, needed to increase and train volunteers, and desired to improve their ability to track student progress. 


Over a 4 month period, Iristify created an updated business plan, formalized Board procedures,created design standards, wrote process flow documentation, and trained current and new staff members.

Key Success Factors: Researching and understanding every aspect of their business and leveraging new technology to achieve their goals. 

Improved Reading Scores & Reduction of Social Isolation

An international technology firm invested over $1 million in a program to help position Louisville as a hub for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science.  Their goal is to leverage this position to retrain the expected 10% of the workforce expected to be displaced in our area by oncoming tech wave.  Iristify was engaged to handle all event logistics and to support the collection of data for their target markets. In a three month period, we produced over 15 events including a variety of community outreach meetings, a technology trade show during a 1,000 attendee summit, release of a regional economic development report from an global organization, and a launch event for a local firm's new AI platform.

Key Success Factors: Connecting the Director of the program with his target market, maintaining good communication with invitees and a variety of hosts, supporting startup businesses as well as large organizations who are new to AI with developing ideas for how to showcase their work.

Job Preparation for the next Technological Wave 

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